Le Rassemblement


Le Rassemblement is a work created by artists Monica Brinkman and Tina Marais, in collaboration with numerous community organizations and associations aimed at improving living conditions for the citizens of Vaudreuil-Dorion, as part of the 25th anniversary of the city's merger. Over the course of 20 workshops, some 385 participants created a small work that forms part of this large-scale permanent installation. Monica Binkman and Tina Marais drew their inspiration from the expression "to pull the blanket back from its edge". They wanted to do the opposite, creating a huge quilt to emphasize the sense of welcome at the heart of the community, and that everyone feels welcome under the same blanket.

Tina Marais and Monica Brinkman, winners of the Artist in the Community 2021 award, for their project Le Rassemblement. This award aims to shine a light on the commitment of artists, partners in local development, in the public space. The award was virtually unveiled in a video shared by the Les Arts et la Ville network.

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