Craft Council Gallery, Terre-Neuve, Canada.

Using textile as the basis for construction in my mixed media work, I contrast natural and synthetic fibres to create forms that seem organic as they move into their environments. My imagery explores concepts of growth and change: fundamentally, metamorphosis is the theme that inspires it.

This process is anchored in creating sculptural forms and clothing them in contrasts. Assembling and integrating smaller elements to create a whole is my method. I use both traditional and contemporary textiles, I make soft forms with textiles and contrast this with hard elements. I create pat- terns and textures both inviting and rough, and surfaces embroidered so that their meticulously stitched quality will nevertheless enhance the feeling of growth and mutation. As an artist, I have always been inspired by organic elements in the natural environment. They are never static; their ever-changing realities are only visible to us in time as we experience it. This quality of change, of imperceptible movement into decay on one hand and exuberant growth on the other, is one of the things that inspire my abstractions.

The imagery resulting from this working process becomes a visual expression of my childhood memories of home: of the ocean, and it's dangerous, beautiful rocky shoreline; of the fauna and flora surrounding the cape coast in South Africa. Ideas about travel and displacement, deconstruction and rebuilding are all undercurrent themes my work.

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